Dharma Festival 2018

Everything around around us, just like the light is reflected by the stars, diffused in the colorful universe and coming back again.
Dharma Festival 2018

There are places on our planet, where flickering constellations are glowing stronger and their reflections are measured by smile.

Thanks to you, one of such magical places is Dharma.

Do you remeber a path through the forest, leading to the stage on a sandy beach? Friendly boars and the old school camp at the edge of the world? Unique atmosphere created by nature and each and every one of you …

It’s time. To come back and experience the place filled with otherworldly psychedelic sounds.

By you each and every year the summer sky is coloured stronger and stronger. The envoirment is vibrating. Dharma is filled with spiritualism and magic.

We invite you to the 6th edition of the festival.

Arrive and be a part of Dharma.

Peace  PEACE

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